Guidelines for using Touchscreen kiosks outdoors

A major challenge faced by touchscreen kiosk manufacturers and owners are its proper care and maintenance. Since touchscreen kiosks have virtually taken over the self service industry by storm it will be worthwhile to learn a few tips on how to use them outdoors. 
  • In places of extreme climate conditions, it is necessary that the design and installation should be done in a such a way so as to minimize the damage done. For example places like the UK, where it is always wet or in hot African countries.
  • Most people have a tendency to use the touchscreen kiosk very roughly. They use too much pressure where only the lightest touch is required.  more

Merits of setting up Exhibition stands with Interactive Kiosks

Which company does not want the opportunity to exhibit in a trade show or exhibition? It is a one of a kind chance to impress your clients, customers and suppliers all at the same time. So it goes without saying that your exhibition stand should be attractive as well fitted with all the latest technology. 
Clients appreciate companies that have taken an effort to make the best stand. So why not put up an interactive kiosk in your exhibition stand. Lets see some merits of adding an interactive kiosk to your ... more

New avatars of self service kiosks

Self service kiosks are like virtual staff providing information to the user so that the busy staff can attend to other customers. The salesperson has his/her work cut in half and the sales process itself becomes much more faster.
These kiosks are very easy to use and has directions which is simple enough for the user to understand. The main thing to note here is the proper supervision and maintenance by trained staff.
Let us see some of the avatars of self service kiosks. 
These interactive kiosks are suited for mega shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations etc. For example shoppers in a mall can quickly look at the kiosk to find the location of a particular store.  This is time saving and people don't have to wander around looking for washrooms, recreation area and so on.
ATM’s are another major type of self service kiosks. Nowadays ATM’s have completely changed the way we bank, long queues becoming things of the past....more

Interactive Self service kiosks

At Instoremasters we value people who are self-service aspirants and those who appreciate new technologies. So the findings of this poll makes us truly happy. According to this study which was conducted to understand the potential and future of Interactive Kiosks, over 75% of the 633 people expressed they were more inclined to deal with companies that offered self-service. Cell Phones, PDA's and other mobile devices with integrated self service were preferred by almost 92% of people. more

Interactive Kiosks for a new generation

The Middle East and North Africa region have still a long way to go in understanding the diverse applications of Interactive Kiosks though they use its various forms everyday. The region embraces drive-thru and stand-alone options on ATM's and in many other areas.  The ignorance of its applications is mainly because of the  lack of proper knowledge of marketers in the region.

On contrary, the west has taken to this invention like ducks to water. They have adopted the technology and resources of interactive kiosks in various applications like crowd control, customer traffic direction and other way-finding solutions.

Interactive Kiosks have touchscreens and integrated software, both of which are securely enclosed for use in public spaces. The touchscreen is visible for use by the masses to electronically gather data and information about products and services. Kiosks are different from PC's in the sense that it is arranged for a sole purpose and for use by one person at a time. It can be controlled by the operator through the internet from a remote location very easily.

Nowadays customers are exposed new and better technology everyday. So they demand and expect companies come equipped with the latest gadgets to serve them quick and easy. They expect good service 24 hours seamlessly. For companies to keep up with the latest modes of information distribution. today companies have the option of integrating self-service, social networking etc to the marketing strategy.  

If a company wants to exist in this competitive arena, it needs the know how to deploy Interactive Kiosks, their marketability, and also how to provide the maximum flexibility to customers.  NCR, one of the leading vending machine providers in the US firmly believes in this policy. 

We Instoremasters are the online division of Grafiks International, a professional manufacturer with a 19 year track record in the BTL industry. We are Kiosk solution provider for many corners of the MENA (Middle East North Africa and our domain covers many parts of the globe. We are partnered with many suppliers in US, Eu and the far east.  

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Ready-To-Run Kiosk

Instoremasters has a wide range of Ready-to-Run kiosks that are perfect for quick use and are cost effective too. We can provide solutions for a limited number of kiosks that match the economies of scale. 
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Vending Kiosk

Vending kiosk units are a combined arrangement of interactive kiosks and a delivery system like a vending machine. These are usually used for specific products and they are constructed to keep the machine and the kiosk very securely. 
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Internet Kiosk

Game and Music Kiosks, Internet Kiosks etc are a popular sight in common public areas. Whether you want 5 or 500 units, get a wide range of choices from Instoremasters. We will supply the latest models which are available ex-stock to us or get you through to our regional partners. 
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ATM Kiosk

ATM kiosks need to be safe and secure and they also need tamper-proof fittings. These are mission critical projects with complex integration process, so we at Instoremasters undertake the design and making of the enclosures. We do both drive-thru and stand-alone versions of ATM kiosks.  
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Marketing Kiosk

Marketing Kiosks are mainly used for promotion of a service or product. They have been used very effectively for clients in the travel and tourism industry, real estate industry and so on. It attains the maximum ROI when combined with digital signage network. 
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Way-finder Kiosk

These are universally used in large commercial centers, shopping malls, trade fairs, airports, hospitals and so on. The Way-finder kiosks are not very tough to deploy and plan even as a rush time project. 
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Crowd Management Kiosk

From the name itself it is clear why these kiosks are so in demand. They are highly used in the service industry where crowd control and queue systems are a part of day-to-day running of the business. These are available in standard models or can be custom designed to match any requirement.

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Check-in Kiosk

The check-in kiosk used in Airline or railway check-in areas are a highly effective for reducing labour and cost. They remove errors and very simple for the user to understand. These type of kiosks are custom designed because the project nature will be different each time.  
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Security Kiosk

Security is one of the main concern for large departmental stores and shopping malls these days. It is not possible for security guards and other watchmen to see to every nook and corner of such large retail establishments. This is where touchscreen kiosks are so useful with their effectiveness in monitoring and controlling visitor traffic. They work exceptionally well when you integrate them with EPABX and way finding guides. 
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Photo Kiosk

They are mostly coin operated and a simple click will give you a professional quality snap for your formal uses. These kiosks when integrated with photo vending machines are excellent to place in public spaces. 
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Kiosk Components

Instoremasters has entered into strong international partnerships with suppliers trading in Interactive Kiosks and we are capable of bringing you the latest, most efficient hardware, software and solutions for enclosures for your kiosk requirements
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Innovative Kiosk

Interactive kiosks have changed the way people see self service. We at Instoremasters have known beforehand the potential of self service/ Information kiosks, to provide clients the display solutions according to their requirements.
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